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Pimp MackDaddy Senator Menen-DEZZY at the Benghazi Hearing!!!


My Phone Call to the Arizona Department of Justice Illegal Alien Justice Hotline!!!


Obama Makes a VERY Important Phone Call!!!


The Commercial for The SUPREME COURT EXTREME Obamacare SHOWDoooooowwwwn!”


President Mompants Embarrasses Himself and America in front of the Queen of England:


In collaboration with Misfit Politics, we represent the real life of Julia:


Blak Bloc Occupiers Destroy San Francisco

This video posted by the occupiers themselves needed some sooper commentary to mock their idiocy, and I was more than willing to produce them.




Again in collaboration with Misfit Politics, we answer the call from Michelle Obama for questions from twitter!

Michael Moore Sings “the Times They Are A-Changin”!!!

The occupiers put out a ridiculous album celebrating their filth and idiocy. Michael Moore contributed, and I mocked it.


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