Americans all across the country today got together to rally for their God-given and constitution-established 2nd Amendment Right to defend themselves and their families against aggressors, including a despotic government.
Let’s check out some tweets and pics!!!

Jefferson City, Missouri

Washington State:


‘Michigan Open Carry’ President Phillip Hofmeister is one of many Michiganders expected to be at the noon protest.
“We don’t want our rights eroded,” said Hofmeister. “There are attacks on the Second Amendment from many different angles, the federal level mostly. People really feel the need to get out, stop being quiet and express their minds.”


South Carolina:

Of course what could a pro-America rally be without some liberal counting blacks?

Texas, of course!


Austin Texas!

My Beloved CALIFORNIA! Orale Califas!


Obama showed up in Ohio!!!



Nuevo Jork! [New York!]



Al Gore’s favorite Oil Interest-owned news site Al-Jazeera posted some “meme” responses from idiot liberals.

  • mystere

    So, what did Airhead America’s 0bamabots have to say? We all know what Al Ibaba’s Current TV Puked on the wires…

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